Interior Designing Services

Green consulting services

• Creating filtering gardens to enhance indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption and add aesthetics.
• Creating water waste management system (recycling waste water) through indoor or outdoor filtering gardens.
• Site planning to allow for maximum sustainable design taking into consideration local environment as a base.
• Design advice on how to incorporate sustainability concepts or green technologies- energy conservation measures into the design (through all stages of design)

Complete interior design services
• Prepare designs, layouts, furniture and furnishings for various projects (commercial, residential, retail, clinics, hospitality, exhibition stands and TV studios).
• Prepare concept renderings of areas under consideration.
• Customize furniture and prepare working drawings.
• Offer supervision services

Complete lighting design solutions (interior and exterior)
• Full interior and exterior lighting studies and supply through our Lighting trading and electromechanical division
Design services for special populations:
• Design home environments and care centers for people with Alzheimer’s Disease
• Design and offer advice and recommendations to care centers for preschool children (child-care facilities).
• Design and offer advice and recommendations to environments to meet accessibility guidelines for people with physical disability (e.g. wheelchair, canes, short stature, tall stature, and other limitations).

Graphic design services
• We provide a full range of branding and communications services for corporate-level projects including strategy formulation and Communication development..

Space syntax, axial and visibility analysis (spatial analysis):
• Specialized services exploring accessibility levels and visibility analysis using space syntax techniques and advanced statistical methods. Space syntax techniques, applied in this research, provide rigorous methods of measuring both global and local network characteristics and relationships between them. Specifically, the techniques of space syntax to explore the accessibility and visual characteristics of spaces that might contribute to certain behavior such as wayfinding, productivity, performance, crime, obesity, and walkabilit

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